Where The River Flows, 2018

Weber Valley Youth Center, Ogden, UT

Exterior entrance piece and lobby terrazzo floor welcomes people to a Youth Center.

Project Description

As a person walks towards the front door of the Weber Valley Youth Center, they encounter a series of colorful ribbon-like shapes suspended from the building’s entrance canopy. These fanciful twisted shapes flow towards the door and intertwine to form a stronger current – a river of motion. The forms disappear into the architecture, and then reappear on the terrazzo floor inside the building. The ribbons have been transformed into a colorful river of terrazzo on the lobby floor. This river twists and turns, flowing further into the lobby space. Embedded in the terrazzo river are magnifying glasses that showcase the small creatures and microinvertebrates of the nearby Weber River. Outside, similar magnifying glasses are mounted on the ribbon mesh, while inside they become unique embeds in the terrazzo floor. Visitors to the Youth Center can follow the ribbon-river inside, exploring the magnifying glasses and discovering the variety of microscopic life that the nearby river supports.