David Griggs Verve Art Glass Installation

Verve, 2009

Diagnostic Medicine Center, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado

A multiple-element integrated installation in a Veterinary laboratory.

Project Description

“Verve” takes an environmental approach to representing Veterinary Sciences. The artwork, expressed in four architecturally integrated elements, was inspired by the activities and images associated with the Diagnostic Medicine Center. One of the techniques used in their lab work involves spreading organic material on petri dishes. This is called “streaking plates”, and it results in the growth of bacteria or viruses, sometimes in exotic and beautiful formations. The terrazzo floor design was inspired by these formations. The over-scaling of these images changes the dimensions of the design, suggesting the astronomical phenomena represented in the adjacent art glass. While vastly different in proportion, these natural elements share similar fractal-like patterns of growth. This dramatic change in scale and the universality of these growth patterns is represented throughout the public art design.