Vegas Arabesque, 2011

N. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada

An illuminated gateway for a pedestrian bridge in Las Vegas’ Cultural Corridor.

Project Description

With colors reminiscent of the desert Southwest, this sculptural form alights across a pedestrian bridge that serves as a gateway to Las Vegas’ cultural institutions. “Vegas Arabesque” uses shapes in a rhythmic design to suggest the visual splendor of a Las Vegas chorus line. These figurative forms dance across the bridge in the playful spirit of Las Vegas’ own version of Americana.

The project also pays homage to vintage Las Vegas signs. Scale and form are reminiscent of some of the grand spectacles of signage from historic Las Vegas. In the evening the piece floats over North Las Vegas Boulevard like a glowing tiara, serving as a beacon for the City’s Cultural Corridor. One of those “culturals”, the Neon Museum, is mere yards away from the bridge. The Museum is home to the “neon boneyard”, the final resting place for the glorious signs of Las Vegas’ past.