SkyBridge, 1989

Captain Grey Elementary School, Pasco, Washington

A site-responsive installation in three clerestory atriums.

Project Description

This unique Elementary school has three clerestory atriums along the central spine of the building. As you walk down the main hallway, the atriums provide a rhythm of natural light throughout the school. “SkyBridge” utilizes this rhythm to recognize the special features of the Pasco, Washington area. The town is located on the Columbia River, and a remarkable cable-stayed bridge connects Pasco to its adjacent community. It is also on the Pacific Flyway, where waterfowl from Canada migrate through Pasco on their annual journeys North and South. The surrounding area also has an important history of commerce as the most inland barge-to-rail port on the Columbia river.  All of these aspects of the local community are acknowledged in the suspended atrium artwork. While recognizing Pasco’s history and legacy, the project affirms these special features for the students, parents, and staff of Captain Grey Elementary.