Seven Sisters Denver Light Rail Train

Seven Sisters, 2002

Pepsi Center Arena, Denver, CO

A gateway sculpture for a Light Rail station at a sports arena and amusement park.

Project Description

“Seven Sisters” is a site-responsive installation designed for people who use the Light Rail station at the Pepsi Center and at Elitch Gardens. These monumental sculptures serve as a landmark for the sports arena and amusement park in Denver’s Platte River Valley.

Commissioned by the Regional Transportation District with help from the Denver Urban Renewal Authority, Pepsi Center, and Elitch Gardens, these seven whimsical figures respond to the recreational expectations of passengers using this Light Rail station. They embody the spirit of the site, joining in on “a day of play in the Platte Valley”.

Reaching 24 feet above the station platform, the steel shapes announce the arrival of passengers to this distinct urban environment. Festive, figural and fun, the “Sisters” pay homage to the attitudes and enthusiasm of people who use this Light Rail station.