David Griggs Premise-David-Griggs Fiberglass Mobile Atrium

Premise, 2013

Colorado Justice Center, 1300 Broadway Street, Denver, CO

A suspended atrium sculpture and art glass installation.

Project Description

Colorado’s new State Justice Center houses the Colorado Supreme Court, the State Law Library, and the Courthouse Office Tower. People who conduct the daily work of the State Courts will pass through the Lobby area of the Office Tower, a 2-story ceremonial entrance space. This space, and the concerns of its users, inspired the design for “Premise”. The artwork is anchored by a 20’ diameter self-illuminated “halo” chandelier. This is crowned with a ring of naturalistic stems and leaves, and suspended beneath the Office Lobby dome. The chandelier has internal LED lights which project a soft glow from the suspended atrium piece.

The design also includes indigenous art glass graphics on the windows of the space, as well as a prairie-grass wall relief on the upper story walls. All of these elements complement each other to reveal a natural order; the balance, symmetry, and proportions of nature that are emulated in judicial principles. This natural order is reflected in our legal system, in which ideas about fairness and justice are fully inspired by the laws of nature.