Potenza, 2010

Xcel Energy Center, 1800 Larimer Street, Denver, CO

A lighted art glass installation for the regional headquarters of Xcel Energy.

Project Description

This project is made up of several layers of hand-painted art glass that are illuminated by integrated LED lights. Layered as if in a shadow box, the suspended glass layers appear to float into the lobby space of the building. The glass is crafted with both integral and applied color, and it is heat “slumped” into custom textures. Numerous dichroic-coated acrylic rods act as light-transmitters for an intricate programmed LED lighting system. The low voltage lighting design changes with different times of day and different lighting conditions.

Tucked into the cove and soffit of the art installation, these computer-controlled lights emit a multitude of color fields, illuminating the acrylic rods and the layers of glass. The piece fulfills its role as the “energy wall” for this corporate headquarters of an energy company.