Merger Moment, 2016

Eric Snow Family YMCA, Canton, OH

A sculptural arch for the birthplace of the National Football League.

Project Description

This steel and stone sculpture is an entrance arch for Canton’s downtown YMCA. In the heart of the City, the arch is evocative of football-related forms, recognizing the City’s importance as the birthplace of the National Football League. The top of the arch references the famous roof of the original NFL Hall of Fame building, and many of the sculpture’s other shapes were inspired by forms associated with football. The design incorporates fabricated steel elements and stone veneer. Because of its urban setting, the sculpture also has a significant nighttime presence. In-ground uplights throw light onto the underside of the arch. Strips of LED lighting illuminate the edges of the sculptural arch shapes. All of these lights are programmed to shift colors and change intensity, offering a variety of nighttime impressions.