Lightstalk, 2006

Coy Parking Garage, Stockton, California

An integrated entrance light sculpture for a City parking structure.

Project Description

This public art design consists of three distinct elements integrated throughout a parking structure in downtown Stockton, California. Most prominent is the 5-story entrance column at the northwest corner of the building. With the application of fiberglass column covers and integrated LED light strips, this column element is the entrance feature of the building – a landmark for the use of the facility and a beacon for patrons of downtown Stockton. The column begins with vertical “flutes” that evolve to become organic “fins,” acknowledging the agricultural history of Stockton while referring to the City’s historic roots. The column covers are shaped so as to appear to grow up and out of the fluted column, revealing the emergence of botanical forms. The LED light strips, hidden inside the translucent reveals between column fins, cause the column to glow from within.