Havana Lanterns Public Art Installation Blue Lights

Havana Lanterns, 2013

Smith Road and Havana Street, Denver, CO

An illuminated site-responsive sculptural installation for the front of a county jail.

Project Description

This piece consists of three iconic elements located on a narrow strip of landscape on Havana Street directly in front of the Denver County Jail. Intended to express the ever-present opportunity for transformation and rejuvenation, these luminous sculptures serve as beacons of hope for all those who live and work in the area. Stretching up to 21 feet tall, the sculptures are made of painted steel supports and translucent fiberglass panels. At night, the integrated LED lighting turns these icons into luminous beacons, embodying the guiding light of hope and rejuvenation.

The design is focused on the promise of new beginnings. It seeks to offer “hope”, the potential for rejuvenation to all those who come upon the Havana and Smith Road site. Lanterns are emblems for hope, expressing the bright prospect of making a fresh start and embracing new perspectives. Uplifting icons to the human spirit, “Havana Lanterns” represents the ever-present possibility for renewal.