Dual Meridian Public Art Denver-Airport Sculptural Installation

Dual Meridian, 1994

Denver, Colorado International Airport

An architecturally-integrated installation for the Central Core of an Airport Concourse.

Project Description

This multi-element piece pays homage to the architecture of the Concourse space by celebrating its public function and by recalling its architectural heritage. As a hall of transportation, the space harks back to the grand, vaulted spaces of turn of the century transportation halls and train sheds. “Dual Meridian” reaches up into the volume of the space with a 66’ titanium arch. The arch connects the two sides of the concourse, describing a line drawn in space and suggesting an orbit over evolving modes of transportation. The installation celebrates travel and embraces transportation technology. It expresses the multiple dimensions of travel by embodying the evolution of transportation.

While one side of the artwork uses recycled rail and indigenous Colorado stone to reflect an iron-age sensibility about travel, the other side presents a tiled world mosaic and futuristic fiberglass forms to reveal the space-age spectacle of flight. Bridging these sensibilities is the titanium arch; a distant orbit from some future mode of transportation. Upon this arch is attached a brilliant red “kite”, a vehicle from the future; an artful signifier for the romance of travel and the dream of flight.