David Griggs Double Axle Custom Atrium Light

Double Axle, 2002

Breckenridge Recreation Center, Breckenridge, CO

A suspended atrium sculpture in the entrance lobby of a recreation center.

Project Description

Suspended beneath a large skylight in the lobby of a regional recreation center, this design depicts collaged photographs of recreation center users. The photographs were taken on-site over a number of weeks, and they show regular facility users participating in a variety of recreation center activities. The photographs were then merged into a collage of activities, and reproduced on translucent material to capture the light from the skylight. Suspended in clear acrylic frames, they are mounted in a helical structure that hangs beneath the skylight over the center’s reception desk. This suspended atrium sculpture celebrates the dynamics of light, movement, and color, utilizing the recreation center activities of Breckenridge, Colorado.