Divine Motion, 1996

Santa Fe College, Santa Fe, NM

A suspended atrium project for a Fitness Education center.

Project Description

The large entrance lobby of the Witter Fitness Education Center features a Kalwall skylight covering the entire volume of the space. As a result, the lobby skylight acts a giant upside-down light table, illuminating everything inside. To utilize this unique feature, photographs were taken of Fitness Center users engaged in their recreation center activities. These photographs were arranged on strips of Duratrans transparencies and suspended beneath the skylight with a unique aluminum armature. The pictures, like Eadweard Muybridge’s seminal photographs from the 1880’s, were sequentially organized as if in a film strip, showing the multiple steps involved in each activity. This suspended atrium sculpture celebrates the movement and motion of Fitness Center activities, utilizing photographs of the current users of the facility.