Columbia Crossing, 2022

Columbia Regional Airport, Columbia, MO

Suspended Atrium piece for the Main Hall of Columbia’s new Airport Terminal.

Project Description

“Columbia Crossing” floats over the Main Hall of the new Columbia Regional Airport Terminal. Designed to welcome people to Columbia and Boone County, it is made up of multiple integral parts that move over and across each other. Primary elements of the sculpture include sections of rolled aluminum tube connected to a series of glass disks. The disks are hand-painted with images recognizable to the people of Boone County.

The piece was inspired by all of these features belonging to both the County and the City of Columbia. It was also inspired by ideas about travel, where any destination is possible from any location. Like the route maps of airlines, the lines described by the sculpture show all those possible destinations. These elements are combined in the sculpture to reveal the wealth of travel possibilities as a result of the miracle of flight.