Aspire, 2019

Aurora Recreation Center, Aurora, CO

Suspended atrium sculpture and art-glass pieces enliven a new recreation center.

Project Description

This was a Design Team project in collaboration with artist Scott Parsons and Populous Architects.  The multiple-element project was designed to celebrate exercise and wellness through physicality and emotion, recording the rhythmic beauty of the human body through repetition and movement.  Upon entering the building, the viewer encounters a dramatic coiled sculpture suspended in the 2-story atrium space.  This colorful piece responds to the dynamic activities happening inside the recreation center.  The movement and motion are reinforced by a colorful Art Glass design in the atrium’s glass curtain wall. Art glass is also incorporated in the windows of the natatorium and gymnasium.  These designs anticipate the regimens of people using the recreation center, giving form and clarity to their routines.  Luminous colors are used throughout to evoke the intensity of the activities and the joy of movement.